Monday, June 14, 2004

More Info on 78's from Earl Okin

78rpm specialists


J & M Wholesale (Bedford) Ltd.

16, Hardwick Road,

Bedford, MK42 9LF.

Tel: 01234.340829.

Tel. from outside the UK: +44.1234.340829.


I have been a customer of June and Mike Child for some years now. They live out of London and, as well as running their own shop, they regularly sell in markets all over Southern England.

As well as selling 78s and cylinders of all sorts, they also deal in gramophones, phonographs and parts for them (such as springs). They will also service or repair machines, if you can get the machines to them.

Finally, they are a good source for 78rpm and cylinders as well as new hard wearing cardboard record-covers of 7", 10" and 12"

If you can't read the details of their stock on the pictures below, just 'phone them or write to them. They are always fair pricewise and generally nice people to do business with.

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